Ajax Thinks

Ajax Thinks
by Muffin Man

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two Blocks and a Slight Breeze

A few days ago I visited Taco Bell. While visiting I decided to have something to eat. I ordered two Crunchwraps, two Cheesy Potato burritos and one caramel apple empanada. I took the food home with me to eat. I didn't check the bag to see if everything was in there, so of course it wasn't all in there. When I got home I realized that they had forgotten the empanada; I checked the receipt, they hadn't forgotten to charge me for it. Oh well, this stuff happens. I mentioned it to Muffin Man and he said "Go back and demand justice!" To which I responded, "Two blocks [how far Taco Bell is from my apartment], 50 MPH wind, 20 degree windchill; the revolution doesn't cover that!"My sage friend waxed philosophical at that point, "It's funny how easily revolutions can be thwarted by two blocks and a slight breeze."
I don't know if that was worth mentioning, but two blocks and a slight breeze seemed like it would make a good title. Plus I'm typing up an assignment and you know how well I focus. I don't. That's how.

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