Ajax Thinks

Ajax Thinks
by Muffin Man

Monday, May 31, 2010

There and Back

It is 6:34 am. I just got out of the hottest, longest shower I've had for some time. Probably since yesterday, that's just how I roll when it comes to showers. It was nice today though because I was up at 3 am to go hiking with some friends. Hiking, walking, it's all the same. We went to a hill, an old volcano actually, not very high up, but the walk nearly did me in. The path isn't more than a mile from base to peak, it only took us 30 minutes or so, I guess. I was so out of breath it felt like longer than it really was. I blame the thin mountain air, thinner than the comb over on your high school chemistry teacher. The elevation around here is somewhere in the 5,000 feet mark, twice that of my home, and 5,000 times that of where I lived until high school when we moved. Excuses aside, I'm just not in great cardiovascular shape. Which is to be expected when I don't exercise regularly and I just spent the last three days sitting around eating pizza. By the way, the chocolate lava cake from Domino's is phenomenal. Add some Breyer's triple chocolate ice cream and you've got yourself some magic right there. Despite my limited lung capacity, it was a nice hike. The trail is either sand or sheer rock covered with a sprinkling of sand, you know, just enough to make it slippery as a greased up pig at some type of hill billy rodeo. The sand on the sheer rock is my fave. We made it to the top and it was a nice view. For not looking like much of a hill at the bottom, it has a stellar view from the top. Our intent was to watch the sun rise, but some misinformation from others (who were not attending the hike) got us to the top of the hill by 4am. There wasn't much of a sun rising view, but it was still nice up there as it changed from dark to light. The moon was nearly full so that was neat too. It was pretty chilly, with a constant breeze blowing. As everyone was huddled for heat conservation, or friendship, our conversation naturally turned to anthropology. I was interested in the conversation about how people might be taller today than 100 years ago because back then energy was expended in physical labor and today we just sit in chairs all day. This leads to energy that could be expended in work is instead funneled into growing. The implication is that laziness leads to a large physical stature. We have no science to back this hypothesis up, however. It is just an interesting thing to think about. I think there is some credence to it. It makes sense in my mind anyway, but if you've been reading this blog (I refer you to my boiling ice cream idea) then you know what that means. Really though, if you are at a party and you tell people confidently that we are growing taller these days because we no longer expend as much energy in working so our bodies use that energy to grow, people will probably believe you. If not, just tell them you read it on a blog and thought it was funny because it was such a ridiculous claim, then laugh nervously and look around and do the one-finger-pull-on-your-collar deal. It'll be great. Take pictures. It didn't feel like 6 am when I got home, nor did it seem like I spent half the night out gallivanting around nature, but now it feels that way. I was surprised how many little flowers were growing on that old volcano. Mostly there is just rock and sage brush. The variety of colors in the flowers, though not very populous, was impressive. It was a good time. Now it is 6:51 am and I am going to sleep. Homework will just have to wait, again.

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