Ajax Thinks

Ajax Thinks
by Muffin Man

Friday, May 14, 2010

Don't Cry Over Spilled Oil

No, maybe you should. A bird got oil on itself. I feel bad for the bird, but its a bird, stay out of the water. Granted, it was a pelican, so it needs to go to the water to get fish to eat. I understand that, but I saw the news clip and my initial response was "stupid bird, stay out of the oil-saturated water." Then as I came over to the blog and starting typing, I realized that some birds spend a lot of time in the water because that's where they get their groceries. I take back my attempt to poke fun at the birds. I'll move on to fish - we'll see how long this one lasts. Fish should be safe from the oil, right? Have you ever held a fish before? Fish oil is some slippery stuff, there's no way the crude oil is going to be able to stick to the fish. Eh, not as good as the bird bit was going to be. I like turtles, so if turtles are getting coated in oil that's just not funny at all. I hope the turtles are safe. I actually don't like to think of any of the animals suffering in oil, but I'm much more concerned about people who suffer everyday because of social "crude oil." Poverty, homelessness, hunger and so forth. Didn't see that one coming. I started typing to make fun of birds and oil. Oh well. I walked over to the grocery store today and on the way back I was bouncing along like Kevin from Home Alone and The Turtles' (speaking of turtles) "So Happy Together" came on the audio player. I was walking in perfect synchronicity with the song. It was neat. Also, I think television is stupid and I don't care for the majority of the commericals I see on it. I still like some television, but overall, I don't like it.
I'm working on an essay about education. It is lengthy and I'll be working on it for a few days, but it will be up here soon. Until then, keep watching the skies.

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  1. this comment was posted by someone else, but because of my desire to keep my real name out of here, I rejected it, but will paste what they wrote so I can edit my name out, it is too good not to add to the post, here is the comment:

    lol nice [Ajax]. I can tell you are thinking out loud on these and that makes it actually a quite fun and unique read. I started with a short entry and will be progressively reading longer ones. I feel bad for the turtles too unless they're the kind who, like the TMNT, become mutant buff radical cartoon characters upon contact with manmade chemicals. Then I'm fine with it.