Ajax Thinks

Ajax Thinks
by Muffin Man

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Little Something I Had Typed Away Somewhere

I don't remember when exactly I typed this. It was saved in the documents folder on my laptop. I was perusing files to see what was saved in there and came across this and the blog is as good a place as any to say things like this, so here it is:

I like oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips. Raisins are good too, but you can never go wrong with chocolate chips. I also like pancakes with chocolate chips in them. Pancakes are one of my most favorite foods. I also like to eat oatmeal. It’s a natural process then to try chocolate chips in oatmeal. I did that this morning. I poured a handful of semi-sweet chips into the steaming bowl of oatmeal. The chocolate promptly melted as I stirred them in. It looked like something that might taste OK, but it had a funny taste to it. After adding an unhealthy amount of sugar, the funny taste faded. It always amazes me how I think about something and then do it, only to have an unexpected result, which upon further pondering seems so obvious I begin to question how I didn't expect it from the start. I honestly thought the chocolate chips would maintain their shape and not just melt into the shapeless goo that is oatmeal. After all, raisins don't melt (but they do rehydrate a bit, which is neat).

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