Ajax Thinks

Ajax Thinks
by Muffin Man

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This blog is done

Well, folks, it has been a blast, but the whimsical revolution is finished. Ajax is retiring to the recesses of my mind and I am going to continue thinking, writing, and whimsically revolving under my real name, Paul Brodie. I'm in the process of compiling and editing (I've published a lot of typos and some unintentional grammar errors) some of my more favorite posts to put Ajax's Whimsical Revolution into an ebook. Why? Because I want to. I don't know if anyone would want to read this blog in a book format, but hopefully someone will. Also, if you are new to my writing then maybe it will be easier to get the ebook instead of clicking through hundreds of posts on the blog.
I'll post a link to the ebook once it is published. If you have enjoyed this blog, be sure to follow me at my new location paulbrodie.wordpress.com
If the new blog doesn't seem as whimsical, hang in there, I'm still working on getting all of my thoughts and interests incorporated into that location. I remain a work in progress...I mean, my internet presence remains a work in progress.
Thank you for reading!

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