Ajax Thinks

Ajax Thinks
by Muffin Man

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back to the Revolution

I haven't had Internet access for a few days, but now I do. The Internet man was supposed to come today between 8am and noon, so I figured I wouldn't see him and then I'd have to call and wait another week. But I was pleasantly surprised to see him at 9am, well within the boundaries of time they gave. Of course, he did come as soon as Taylor and I were about to sit down to eat breakfast (we slept in). I didn't mind the timing though as I was just happy to see him and be connected again so I could get today's assignment for school completed on time.

In other news, it has been a busy week and I have thought of a few things to write about, but I haven't written anything yet. I say this often. Usually a statement of this nature is followed by, "instead I'll just mention this." Today will be no different; I haven't written any of my recent ideas yet, so instead I'll just mention this. I walked into the bathroom earlier and there was a spider in the bathtub. It wasn't a menacing looking spider, so I didn't get scared. I watched him as he tried to climb up the wall of the tub.

The wall opposite the faucet is sloped up, a very steep slope, but less than 90 degrees. The spider was trying to climb up this wall, but kept sliding backwards. He would tentatively place his legs around in different places, trying to grab a good hold, then attempt to walk. Either he would slide backwards, or fall over backwards. He wasn't having much success. Until at one point he made it up a few inches. I thought he might get it, but then he slid all the way down. It didn't occur to me then, but it does now, maybe he was just playing. Sliding was the purpose of his climbing. Maybe.

After that long slide he walked in the other direction. He stopped and just stood there for a bit. Then one of his forward legs moved to his head, or where I assumed his head would be, if he had one, I don't know spider anatomy. It was as though the spider was raising a hand to his chin which he then rubbed pensively as he attended to his predicament. It was a long moment before his leg returned to the tub floor. He then continued to sit. Perhaps thinking that spot as good as any to simply wait for food to come by.

I don't know the fate of the spider, I could probably go check and see if he is still there, but I don't want to. I'm sure I'll cross paths with him again. It is a small apartment we live in. More importantly was the direction my thoughts then went in. Spider-man scales walls, right? Like a spider? I guess there are a lot of different spiders and the radioactive ones have better climbing abilities than the standard house ones. Either that or if you put Spider-man in a bathtub he is powerless to climb out. He still has his super power web slinging ability, so I guess he'd be okay, but it wouldn't be from climbing.

I just realized the title to this post implies reference to Back to the Future. I'm sorry to report that it doesn't.

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