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Ajax Thinks
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Just Wanna...DANCE!

I don't want to dance, but I do think this song is catchy:

I was going to just link to this video on Facebook and make a snarky comment about it, but I'm in a blogging mood.

I have this video in my iTunes library. I didn't buy it, so it must be one of the dozens of free files they offer each week which I indiscriminately download and never listen to (on purpose). I happened to listen to it tonight, and I like it. It does make me wonder, however, whether or not this band is what would happen if Ralph Macchio and the Disney Channel got together and had a child? Do you see it?

Well, it is a decent tune, if not cliche and predictable. I like it, but the band makes me laugh. Perhaps if I was 15 years younger, with rich parents, and living in an affluent suburb or on the outskirts of a southern states metropolis, I wouldn't find the band so laughable. But who am I to judge? Well, I'm Ajax! And this is my blog.

I think the trend of bands over the last 20 years has been interesting. Bands like Green Day and Nirvana paved the way for bands like Panic! At the Disco and The Downtown Fiction. If it wasn't so late at night and my thinking wasn't so halted, I think I'd like to get really philosophical about this topic, but at the moment I just can't do it. I used to say, in defense of people calling Green Day a bunch of "sell outs," that there is nothing more punk than for a group of guys to play sloppy music and get rich off of it. Sloppy as in easy to play and lyrics that won't turn heads or stand through time as profound. But now looking at the results of their breaking down the mainstream walls and letting every Tom, Dick, and Panic! into the record stores, I'm wondering if they did such a good thing after all.

It doesn't matter, it's all just bunk anyway. And I am going to bed.

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